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By the time the average American reaches 65 years of age, 83% of their personal wealth will come from their home equity.  Homebot is a financial planner that enables you to maximize the wealth from the single largest asset you will ever own.

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WHY FREE?  As a Real Estate Professional, this is a service that Barry Overton has provided to his clients.  Barry recently decided to offer this free service to all homeowners that want manage and grow their largest asset, their home.  Nothing is ever charged to the user.  Barry takes care of the expense.

Homebot is helping homeowners maximize their wealth by working with leaders in the mortgage lending and real estate industries.

    As a Homeowner, you probably realize you should maximize the wealth in your home. And, like most, you probably realize there are many different ways to do so. But, it’s easy to get confused and you just don’t have the time to figure it out.

Homebot gives you the answers. Homebot shows you exactly what you can do, and precisely how much wealth you will build.

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